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At Evoke Neuroscience, our journey began in 2009 with a resolute mission – to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders through innovative and accessible solutions. Our commitment to elevating brain health led us to develop the FDA cleared Class II eVox System, a revolutionary tool that empowers physicians worldwide to assess brain function using standardized medical EEG and ERP recordings.

Our vision extends beyond technology; it encompasses the professionals who dedicate their lives to mental health care. The Evoke Scholarship for Mental Health Professionals is our heartfelt endeavor to recognize and support these dedicated individuals. With an award of $1,000, this scholarship invites mental health experts to engage in an essay contest, sharing insights and perspectives on improving cognitive health. As a company driven by innovation, we understand that advancing the field requires fostering education, dialogue, and collaboration.

At the helm of Evoke Neuroscience is Dr. David Hagedorn, a distinguished clinical health psychology and neuropsychology expert. His leadership fuels our commitment to making brain health scans a routine practice, reducing the impact of treatable cognitive impairment. As a recognized figure in clinical neuroscience, Dr. Hagedorn’s specialized expertise in working with patients dealing with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and ADHD shapes the ethos of our organization.

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Evoke Neuroscience

  • Inception and Mission: Founded in 2009, Evoke Neuroscience is on a transformative journey to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders. Our mission centers around developing objective, clinically meaningful, and user-friendly products that adhere to rigorous medical standards.
  • Revolutionary Technology: The FDA cleared Class II eVox System stands as a testament to our commitment. This groundbreaking technology allows physicians globally to conduct standardized medical EEG and ERP recordings, providing valuable insights into brain health and cognitive function.
  • Global Impact: We’re proud of our contribution to international research. The eVox System enables data generalizations for peer-reviewed research, aiding physicians in evaluating brain health, personalizing treatments, and diagnosing cognitive disorders.
  • Innovation and Insight: By combining full scalp EEG with machine learning, we provide both standard and advanced brain function insights for medical and peak performance applications, promoting innovation in cognitive health care.

Dr. David Hagedorn - CEO

  • Leadership and Expertise: Dr. David Hagedorn, our esteemed CEO, is a prominent figure in clinical health psychology and neuropsychology. His expertise extends to advanced psycho-neuro electrophysiology assessments and interventions, particularly in cases of traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and ADHD.
  • International Influence: As an international speaker and instructor, Dr. Hagedorn’s influence in the clinical neuroscience field is globally recognized. His commitment to advancing the understanding of cognitive health fuels our pursuit of excellence.
  • Empowering Brain Health: Driven by the goal of making brain health scans routine, Dr. Hagedorn embodies our vision to minimize the impact of treatable cognitive impairment, making a tangible difference in countless lives.

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